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The Partners of the FIREBOX are some of best in the business. Our network of Pitmasters share their love of BBQ through their exclusive products, original recipes and pro tips curated for each FIREBOX.

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After 10+ years of working with the biggest names in BBQ in North America – we realized we had a immense network of knowledge and products that we could leverage to ultimately create the best BBQ BOX in the Country!

Each box is thoughtfully curated so that you can create award-winning dishes year-round. Scroll down to read about the FIREBOX pitmasters and their exclusive recipes ONLY available through FIREBOX.


Motley que

Featured in the 2024 Spring Box

Exclusive Products: Outlaw Gravy Mix & Smoked Honey Garlic Sauce

Meet Jess and Joe Semack, the couple that are elevating Canada's BBQ game. Their story begins over 14 years ago with Joe making Jess the BEST steak dinner she had ever had! Since then they've developed an array of award-winning BBQ Sauces & Rub, and won countless competitions. Their sauce Sticky Fixx won Best Sauce on the Planet at the American Royal in 2021.

If you've ever been lucky enough to meet Jess and Joe, you know how electric they are. Big Joe's influence transcends the realms of sizzling meats and smoky arenas. He stands tall as a beacon of inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on the community he holds dear. Whether it's rallying support for local causes, championing charitable endeavors, or lending a helping hand to those in need, Joe's spirit shines brightly. Jess is driven by an insatiable hunger for triumph, always seeking the thrill of emerging victorious. Winning is her mantra, and she fearlessly embraces the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor. Her influence extends beyond her personal pursuits; she holds the esteemed position of President for the Canadian BBQ Society. Everything that Jess and Joe do is forged with love.

firebox pitmaster

BBQ Brian Misko

Featured in the 2023 Winter Box

Exclusive Product: Pitmasters Beef Seasoning

With his naturally inquisitive mind, Brian Misko has taken his passion about grilling from his backyard playground in Langley, British Columbia to competing and winning awards around North America.

Starting with BBQ competitions in 2005 in Vancouver and Whistler, Brian has lead his team at House of Q to the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championships in 2009 and winning the Team of the Year for British Columbia in 2010. Brian was a guest chef at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics with Vikram Vij, Pino Postero, John Bishop and Tojo at his side. His collection of trophies, plaques, ribbons and awards shows his determination to be the best.

Brian shares his know-how through regular interviews and cooking demonstrations on TV, newspapers and magazine articles. Thousands have seen his BBQ Tips on the Global TV BC Morning News, at trade show cooking demonstrations or at cooking classes across Canada.

Firebox Pitmaster

Mel Chmilar JR. from edmonton, ab

Featured in the 2023 Summer Box

Exclusive Product: La Flama Blanca Rub

Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, Mel spent half his life as a Journeyman welder building heavy equipment and Oilfield products. Hunting and fishing western Canada from a teen with a keen eye on meat, processing and the art of the cook he slowly moved into BBQ and live fire grilling. Now you can find Mel under his brand title Darkside Of The Grill! Traveling the world as a Pitmaster and Live Fire Chef hosting BBQ events and Competitions, giving classes or breaking down whole animals in a butchers cooler somewhere. His passion for cooking and the outdoors has landed him on TV networks, newscasts and publications worldwide But he’s always Happiest getting back on the prairies of central Alberta with his friends, his family and cooking outside!

Follow along on his Journey now on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook @darksideofthegrill

Firebox pitmaster

Rob Reinhardt from pilot butte, Sk

Featured in the 2023 Summer Box

Exclusive Product: Ancho/Coffee Rub found in the 2023 Summer Box

A hobby started in 2000 has transformed into a full-time career and the most successful competition track record in the country. Rob Reinhardt lives, breathes, and endlessly displays his passion for the world of Barbecue. “There is no greater feeling than watching someone bite into a piece of championship barbecue for the first time – most people don’t realize just how good this food can be”, says Rob. Rob’s obsession with cooking perfect barbecue has shown some stunning results, including the Canadian National BBQ Championships, and a 2-time World Championship category win at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue in Lynchburg, TN. With 22 Grand Championships and over 250 awards won in competition, Rob has blazed a trail across the country and won awards in Europe and Australia.

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